How Social Media Has Done Us More Harm Than Good?

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“Do you understand that you are alone You are outside history, you are non-existent.” O’Brien says to Winston in Nineteen Eighty-Four, by George Orwell. Did Orwell foretell of the life we’re living in today where social networking has taken on the role of ”Big Brother”? Has humanity become so dependent on virtual reality that we can no longer interact? Has social networking sites done us more harm than good? My answer is yes. Social media has created an environment where society has become antisocial and addicted to virtual reality. I refrain from Facebook as much as I possibly can even though I have 170 “friends,” most of whom are family and co-workers. I may go onto Facebook while on vacation just to post pictures, but I mainly use Facebook to play online games with other users. I have a relative who spends most of her day on Facebook posting pictures, updating her status, liking a picture, and/or chatting with one or a number of her 500 plus friends. With so many friends why is it she’s always alone? Then it dawned on me…these are virtual friends. Friends one makes on Facebook whom you’ve never met before, friends who you’ve friend requested because they are friends of a friend. The larger number of friends you have the assumption can then be made that you’re a popular person. This feeds the competitive nature of man, yet isolates us further from human interaction. You see social media sites in itself are designed to keep individuals logged into their computers
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