How Social Media Has Impacted Politics

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1. Introduction and Background

Social media has become a major part of communication today. It has changed the way people find each other, share interest and ideas, not to mention how it has changed how companies advertise and communicate with their customers. Based on this year alone, social media has impacted politics in a major way. The goal was to reach the young generation by engaging in social media platforms by simply posting, commenting and video sharing [10]. Social networking sites has mobilized potential voters all over the world.

The goal of this paper is to examine through literature role of socialization in knowledge management through social media and how to enhance internal knowledge sharing and collaboration as essential factors that determine the strategies and practices of political marketing. Social media is emerging as an important technology for campaigning. It consists of offering information through conversation and interaction over the world-wide web. 73% of Americans are now on social media and that’s an upward trend that shows no signs of stopping therefore candidates today spend a lot of time and money on digital campaigns, though, voters now expect engaging social content as a given. So, how important a role has social media played in past elections and can it really help propel a candidate towards The White House or any other office? Well, 2008 and 2012 Obama campaigns have sparked interest in how social media might affect citizens’…
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