How Social Media Has Transformed Sports Marketing

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How Social Media Has Transformed Sports Marketing
• Good afternoon everyone.
• I want to thank you for taking this time to learn about the ever evolving field of Sports Marketing. Today I will be discussing how social media has transformed sports marketing.
• Social Media can be defined as the tools, platforms and applications that enable consumers to connect, communicate and collaborate with others.
• Sports Marketing is a field dedicated to advertising and selling sports related products and events.
• TV ads, magazine articles, radio talk shows, and billboards- all of these are forms of traditional media used in sports marketing. However with the emergence and dramatic growth of social media in 2009 some of the traditional forms of media have become irrelevant or even replaced.
• When was the last time you heard about your favorite sports team or brand in a magazine, radio or billboard? Try to recall the last Nike commercial you saw on TV. Don’t be surprised if you can’t remember! Sports Marketers today direct all their attention to social media. The days of scavenging through newspapers or channels for sports news are over. Welcome to the Social age of Marketing.
Main Points
• What is the new Sports Marketing Target Audience?
• Redefining the Consumer Experience.
• Using Fan Generated Content to Fuel Sports Marketing Campaigns
• Using Social Media as a Primary Source of news and info about a team.

What is the new Sports Marketing Target Audience?
• Net-…
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