How Social Media Helps Promote Your Construction Business

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How Social Media Can Help Promote Your Construction Business It would be easy to dismiss social media as having no value for business owners in the construction industry. After all, isn 't it the place for sharing cat videos, photos of restaurant meals and your vacation plans? Well, yes, social media is that, and much more. People also use social media to keep up with family and friends, share their interests, ask for referrals, and to connect with people in their business circles. In 2017 worldwide growth of active social media users was up 21% for a total number of 2.789 billion. Given those numbers, it 's clear that social media isn 't going away anytime soon. Can you afford to ignore its impact and reach? Here are some ways you…show more content…
Doing this requires you to focus on quality rather than quantity. Having 1,000 followers isn 't enough if they never like, share or comment on your posts. You want people who will engage with you, as well as follow you. That 's where sharing the right content is important. Developing a solid marketing plan and social media strategy will help you take action and convert your audience into true fans. Those are the people who will share your content and help you reach a wider audience of potential new customers. Cross-Promote Clients’ Businesses Contractors and construction companies working in the field of commercial or industrial construction should look for opportunities to connect with and promote their clients on social media. Sharing your client 's content will not only benefit them, but you as well. One of the most frequent concerns business owners express about using social media to market themselves, is running out of things to say. And you don 't want to be that person who dominates the conversation by talking only about themselves. Social media works best when it isn 't always about you. Sharing your clients ' accomplishments and capabilities offers the following benefits: it helps you develop and strengthen your relationship to your client, it helps promote them which is an added reason for them to choose to work with you, they might share your content to their audience, which increases your reach, and it also takes the pressure off of
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