How Social Media Helps Shape The Experience Of Future Users Essay

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Social media are web-based communication tools, websites, applications, and media that allow people to interact with each other, share information, and engage in conversations. The user 's contribution in social media helps shape the content online and their interactions with the information may drastically alter the experience of future users. Some common features that distinguish a generic website from social media are... User accounts: Sites that allow visitors to create their own accounts will likely allow users to share information and/or interact with others online. Profile pages: A profile page represents an individual and typically includes information such as a profile picture, a bio, hobbies, etc.... In order for users to engage in social media a profile page if often necessary. Friends, followers, groups, and hashtags: Social media sites may allow individuals to connect with other users join certain groups or subscribe to certain forms of information. News feeds: By connecting with other users, individuals may be able to view real-time updates on their friends and family. Personalization: It is common for social media sites to provide users with the freedom to modify their account and profile settings. Information updating, saving or posting: Websites or apps that allow users to post any and all content are considered social media. Regardless of how simple the information is, the user is interacting with the information and other users on the site. Like buttons or
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