How Social Media Influenced A Community And A Country

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Breaking news… fire took two young boys lives and destroyed the family’s home and all their belongings. Brother’s, age six and eleven, trapped unable to get out of their room, while mother and father along with the two sisters watched helplessly outside as their lives completely changed. Within hours, like wild fire through technology and social media, millions of strangers come together to support this broken family financially and physically. The story flooded social media, as friends, family, and friends of friends shared this tragic story. Donations were collected to help the family and monetary donations came in over several weeks and months from all over the world (Lincoln). This is one example of how social media influenced a…show more content…
The social media explosion led to a trend of sharing everything with everyone, promoting products and service, and ultimately improving the success of humans. Privacy advocates began to question this new trend and how it was affecting the user. New regulations, which continue to evolve, were placed on social networking sites, but it has not slowed down the growing popularity of online social media. Social media is inexpensive and user friendly, therefore many individuals use this form of communication to socially interact with family and friends who live thousands of miles away (Hertlein 382). This causes concerns that individuals will no longer connect physically to one another, and will ultimately eliminate face-to-face communications. However, individuals are still communicating with others, it is just in a different form. Social media does not alter social bonds, it allows for users to communicate and express themselves differently. Published in the International Journal of Relational Perspectives in 2011, S. Harman stated, “Relationships facilitated by technology appear to provide the same sense of well being as is associated with other types of close associations. The Internet may elicit some changes in how people communicate, but not why they do so” (Zilberstien 152). Those whom are using social networking sites tend to also be social in real-life. This new communication does not replace other forms
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