How Social Media Shapes Musical Identities

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The following proposal will be an overview of a short documentary project that will analyze and discuss how social media shapes musical identities. To do this I will use Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook to consider the interactions that happen through these mediums and also look into how this relationship can form musical identities. Thus, I will use interview subjects who I will film interviews with myself and I will also interview and use videos of fellow students on Mike Johnston’s online student page. I will use Jimmie Manning’s chapter in the book, Beyond New Media by Herbig, Herrmann, and Tyma to discuss the intricate nature of identity throughout this proposal to identify some of the areas of focus such as public music identity and social mediated music identity. I will also use things like Mcgee’s theory of fragmentation and Megan Foley’s sound bites to explain how subjects subsume their social mediated music identities. For this project I would like to do a short three to four minute documentary to analyze how social media helps shape peoples musical identity in this technological era. I can only give an estimate at this time because I know a lot of people who have said they would like to contribute to this project. However, I also know life happens so that number may change that is why I have chosen to leave the length a little open ended. The documentary will follow about four subjects five, including a few appearances of myself. It will follow two
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