How Social Media Should Be Integrated into DATTA Inc.’s Marketing Plan

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Having an effective marketing strategy is important requirement in order to saturate the market successfully. Social media is one of the many varieties of advertising outlets a company can use. A company needs to have a strong advertising plan in place, use a variety of outlets, and know when and where the media will run, otherwise known as the media mix (Cadotte, 2003 p.165). Social Media has grown as an outlet for marketing over the last few years and will continue to grow as the social media outlets grow. Companies now need to integrate social media into their marketing strategy in order to stay competitive. This paper will discuss how social media should be integrated into DATTA Inc.’s marketing plan. Additionally look at the different market segments in the Marketplace simulation that DATTA Inc. will be advertising in. I will make recommendations to how social media should be integrated in those market segments finally look at how these recommendations will fulfill the balance of integrated and differentiated requirements as recommended by Cadotte and Bruce (2003).

The Integration of Social Media into Marketing Having a successful marketing strategy is one of a company’s biggest challenges they face when marketing their products. A target market first needs to be identified, so that the necessary research can be completed on that market in order to identify the key factors that are part of that market which includes demographic information and all
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