How Social Networking Affects Our Society

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Introduction According to Clay Shirky (2008), “Our social tools are not an improvement to modern society; they are a challenge to it’’ (P. 107). From my experience and reading, the social networking websites harm our society as it takes away the need for humans from interacting face to face as this weakens family ties. Most people think that the social networking websites do us more good, but I am of the view that the social networking websites do us more harm than good. We have come across statements such as “I am considering disconnecting the Internet connection at home since it is affecting the performance of my children who keep face booking and chatting most of the time instead of reading” (Baron-Cohen, 2010, p. 8). Also, we hear that the Arab Spring was aided by the social networking websites such as face book and tweeter. Background Information In the 21st century, the social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook are more of a basic necessity than a source of entertainment. In order to determine whether these social networking websites do more harm than good, I must first look at what they are. The social networking websites are sites where one can share his activities with other users. It focuses on connecting and building social relations among users with similar interests. As more and more individuals are familiarized and introduced to social networking websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, there is one question that arises: Do social
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