How Social Networking Affects The Students And The Environment

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“Internet and mobile technology seems to be subtly destroying the meaningfulness of interactions we have with others, disconnecting us from the world around us, and leading to an imminent sense of isolation in today’s society” (Nilles, 2012). The ‘real world’ in my considerations is decades ago we used to go in person to speak to someone yet now with enhanced technology we can address to someone with one click through social networking sites. We send wishes, information and condolences all through text and messages as before we used to go in person to send these thoughts. The basic social networking websites being accessed at school concludes to be a risk factor that affects the students and the environment around them. Social networking is frequently turning into a swap for building and setting up associations in our society today and on a very basic level it’s leading to negative impacts. Human connections are rich and chaotic. We tend to choose technology as a way to communicate rather than conversation for mere connection. (Turkle, 2012). In this paper I am going to discuss about recently developed social networking websites are destroying community.
The connection between the senses of using social networking programmes in education settings is misleading to reveal the scholar content and ‘informal nature of social networking.’ “Facebook is tantamount to what was formerly social chatter in the halls of schools or telephone communication (2008). … The casual nature of

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