How Social Networking Sites Affected On Their Life And Academic Performance

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With the fast development of Internet, and the introducing of social network sites, more and more adolescence or students become regular visitors of different kinds of social networks. This paper takes teenagers and students in general as a research object and tries to find how social networking sites affected on their life and academic performance. In the meanwhile this paper provides some recommendation or possible solutions, which can be used to prevent teenagers and students from social networks ' negative impacts. 1. Introduction: In the last decade, many countries acquired open access to the Internet due to vast growth of Social media (Ishfag & Tehmina, 2011). This rapid advances in information technology has granted opportunity…show more content…
Then, it will suggest some possible choices to overcome these problems in the future. 2. Influences of Social media: According to The Static Portal (Statista, 2014), the number of social media users worldwide raised from 0.97 billions in 2010 to 1.61 billions in 2013, and it is expected to become around 2.33 by the end of 2017. It can be assumed that using social networking sites (SNS) such as Facebook become part of individuals’ modern lives. This massive usage will affect users such as teenagers or students in many aspects. 2.1 Academic performance of students: Students logging into social networking sites everyday, they are doing variety of actions including messaging, games and searching for information. For example, Griffith and Liyanage (2008) claim that, nearly half of Facebook users post or update statues many times during a day. In consequence, these activities might lead to: 2.1.1 Lack of concentration: The wide social networking sites usage among students, have become a main cause in students doing many actions at the same period during a day. Kirschner and Karpinski (2010) stated, that a great number of researches have been released on this problem, and it shows that this issue will affect on students who have writing assignments. One of the studies which has been done by Fox et al (2008) shows that, regardless that the reading and understanding skills of the social media users and other students were
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