How Social Networking Sites Affected On Their Life And Academic Performance

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With the fast development of Internet, and the introducing of social network sites, more and more adolescence or students become regular visitors of different kinds of social networks. This paper takes teenagers and students in general as a research object and tries to find how social networking sites affected on their life and academic performance. In the meanwhile this paper provides some recommendation or possible solutions, which can be used to prevent teenagers and students from social networks ' negative impacts.
1. Introduction:

In the last decade, many countries acquired open access to the Internet due to vast growth of Social media (Ishfag & Tehmina, 2011). This rapid advances in information technology has granted opportunity for Millions of people to create and share status on an imaginable shape. The enormous number of perspective, news and products review which are posted and discussed in the social sites, is an instance of the formidable participation in these sites. The speedy rise of social network sites (SNS) was in the second half of last decade because of the wide usage by school and university students (Kirschner & Karpinski, 2010). Impingement of SNS on users’ lives has many speculations. Some belief, that Social media might reduce human relationships and activity and lead to social isolation. Others conceived that SNS using technology would add to people life and result to social payoffs. The objective of this paper is to evaluate the negative impact…
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