How Society 's Image Of Women Have Changed Over The Past Years

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I must be an unbendable writing, I am still stuck on the usual middle school “hamburger multiple paragraph” essay structure. After reading three academic writing essays my ideas of academic writing has not changed. Even though all three types of essays were forms of academic writing, I came across my own theory. Everyone has their own unique way of writing that makes their essay standout to be academic writing. What someone else might think is academic writing another person might not think the same. Out of the three different types of essay’s Ariel Levy and Taras Grescoe stood out with tone and structure. Academic writing can be written in any type of tone or voice. In writings authors have different types of tones in one writing paper. An author can even switch back and forth from being angry to neutral. For example, Ariel Levy wrote an essay, “Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture.” The essay was about how society’s image of women have changed over the past years. “I’d walk down the street and see teens and young women – and the occasional wild fifty – year old – wearing jeans cut so low they exposed what came to be known as butt cleavage with miniature tops that show off breast implants and pierced navels like”(Levy). Levy has notice teenagers and women have been dressing very inappropriately. From the Levy’s title of her she wasn 't going to write about women in a way as if she is praising the new culture of women and the way they dress. Levy has made it is
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