How Socioeconomic Statuses Plays On Health

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Collectively, the United States is a society in which the notion of equal opportunities is believed by many. The idea that, through individual action, with use of equal opportunities granted, one can better themselves and move upward in the mobility latter of class and economic stability. It is this notion, however, which is an illusion presented by government officials, that is handicapping people of society, resulting in self-blame when things are going wrong or unexpected. Additionally, it is this illusion that is bringing about inequalities of socioeconomic statuses, when really, opportunities are not equated as equal today and the system in which is bringing about such disparities between classes is not challenged by those being affected and put at a disadvantage the most. Through secondary data of scholarly articles and a documentary, this paper aims to identify the problems that socioeconomic statuses plays on health, the stakeholders who are present and how they are affected by this problem, and then conclude by offering some recommendations that propose change to be made to better the system in which the United States is currently in regarding socioeconomic statuses and the negative effects it has health. As mentioned previously, economic disadvantages continue to be viewed as more of an individual trait than the result of circumstances or patterns of social policies or political practices. Those who hold this view believe that individuals must overcome their
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