How Software Developers Invented New Development Processes Essay

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In this paper I will discuss what are the similarities and differences in the case study “should you build strategy like you build software?” and the book? And, advantages and disadvantages of specific strategies mentioned in both the book and the case study.

The case study focuses on the importance of developing strategies that are newer, faster and more effective strategy-making processes. The case study compares how software developers invented new development processes, such as rapid application development, extreme programming and agile software development, to confront the new realities, where many strategists in various companies uses traditional approaches that are not as effective as the strategies used by software developers. The case study emphasizes on the importance of updating and changing strategies so companies can run a smooth operation. The case study has only focused on one form of strategy which is “Adaptive Approach to Strategy Development, The Spiral Model” as the best and most effective strategy.

The book mentions various forms of strategies in details. Also, it emphasizes on the importance of choosing the right strategy in order for a company to succeed as we have seen the case study, In chapter six we can see the importance of competitive advantage, steps involved in strategy making process, types of corporate level strategies, various types of industrial strategies and components of firm-level strategies.

Strategies mentioned in the case study

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