How Solar Panels Affect The Environment

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Technology makes our lives easier, but at the same time, it can hurt the environment. When innovators create technology, many people use these products, which negatively impacts society. When people use more electricity than they need to, the vast amount of electricity being used affects the pollution and the environment. For example, when a computer is on for too long, it can burn out or slow down, which can be expensive to fix. Old technologies have been hurting the environment, as well. We use so much technology that it has negatively impacted the quality of water and air. Along with that, the overuse of technology has impacted climate change. However, there have been some shifts in technological innovations towards creating…show more content…
If the sun gives energy to the solar panels while the electricity is not being used, “the generation exceeds the demand, the energy is stored” (Bazan). However, storage does not have a huge capacity for energy to be stored. Once our society uses solar panels, they will help improve the quality of the environment and our health. Although the goal for solar panels is to help save the environment, they have some disadvantages. However, scientists are researching and experimenting to change those disadvantages into advantages. Scientists see in the future, “renewable energy-driven systems are poised to gain popularity” (Bobovych). If solar panels gain popularity, they will impact our society by having them everywhere.
Another concept that will be throughout this paper is how solar panels positivity affects the environment and the society. Along with that, I will be talking about how solar panels’ economics impacts the society. Although solar panels have some disadvantages, such as the weather blocking the solar panels or how much space is being used, there have been some changes to prevent these disadvantages. Solar panels have improved throughout the history and are still improving into the future. Before solar panels became popular, people would use man-made electricity. Conversely, the man-made electricity affected the environment and caused more damage towards global warming. For example, all the pollution from the technology causes the oceans to rise, which in
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