How Sony Playstation Has Applied the 10 Operation Management Strategies

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How Sony Playstation has Applied the 10 Operation Management Strategies Kenneth Turner GM583 Operations Management June 19, 2011 Table of Contents Abstact 1. Background 1. Problem Formulation Discussion 2. Analysis 5. Reflection 7. Recommendation 8. Appendix 9. References 10. Abstract Even though the Sony Playstation is a leader in their market, they still have the problem of the Japanese yen being more valuable than their foreign country’s currency, and the location of their manufacturing facilities being too far from their customers. This contributes to the increased cost of quality of them having to…show more content…
Playstation three has desined the new Playstation; along with a Bluetooth enabled remote sensor that allows motion controlled movement. Gamers use a wand to operate the console. The Playstation three is $299.99, and goes on sale on September 19th. A bundle package that includes the Playstation Eye and two controllers is sold for $99.99 if you do not have the Playstation Eye. The Eye requires two move controllers for motion controlled movement. If you do have the Eye, the motion controller can be bought for $49.99, but that is the price of only one controller. The recommended distance for the move controller is 10 feet from the console. (Wilson, 2010) Virtual reality is the form of computer-aided design that the Playstation 3 is built off of. Katuragi uses 3-D laysouts of everything in the game to give the gamer a more realistic view of the game with its high definition capacities. A Playstation 3 uses 150 kilowatts of energy. It is recommended to use the power save mode on the Playstation 3 which was a new edition to the PS3 in August of 2008, because it did not come with a power saver mode. Compared to the Wii’s 16 watts, and the Xbox 360’s 119 watts use of energy, the Playstation 3 uses the most energy at 150 kilo watts. If left on all day the Playstation 3 consumes as much energy as two refrigerators. (Peterson, 2009) This is why Playstation 3 decided to go green by adding the power safe mode. Now, it is practicing

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