How Specific System Used in an Organization Has Transformed How the Organization Operates.

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Taylor Ambulance Company offers a competitive salary and benefits package that reflects the high value we place on our employees. Our commitment to ongoing training provides each employee the opportunity for professional development while keeping pace with today's technological advancements. Taylor Ambulance Company Ambulance offers: Top field compensation, plus call bonuses and growth potential Major Medical, Vision and Dental Care Employee Life Insurance 401(k) Retirement Plan Flexible work schedules. SALARY: Employees are eligible for merit increases from 1 to 4 salary steps after the first 6 months of employment, and thereafter annually based on their work performance and until they reach the top of their 12 step salary range.…show more content…
After 10 years, the accrual increases to 0.077 (approximately 160 hours per year). HOLIDAYS: Employees receive 12 paid holidays within the calendar year. Full-Time 24-Hour and 13-Hour Workday Employees: For each holiday, full-time 24-hour and 13-hour workday employees receive 9 hours of holiday pay or 9 hours of holiday compensatory time. Full-Time 9-Hour and 8-Hour Workday Employees: For each holiday, full-time 9-hour and 8-hour employees receive holiday pay for the number of hours they are regularly scheduled to work. When a holiday occurs on the employee's day off, the employee receives 8 hours of holiday pay or 8 hours of compensatory time. SICK LEAVE: Employees receive approximately 72 hours of sick leave per year during the first 3 years of full-time employment. After 3 years of full-time employment, employees accrue approximately 96 hours per year. Unused sick leave hours may be accumulated from year to year. PAID ANNUAL LEAVE: After completion of new probation, an employee is eligible for 36 hours of paid annual leave. The employee is eligible to use paid annual leave on January 1 of the subsequent year following the employee's completion of new probation. Paid annual leave is not cashed out and must be used within the calendar year it is earned. UNIFORMS: The Authority provides uniforms to employees in designated positions. Reference
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