How Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders Has Effected My Ministry

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Oswald Sanders, teaches engagement and it is set out to inspire and instruct those interested in committing their lives to God’s calling. The author clearly expresses his purpose in the original preface:

“To be of help even to younger Christians in whose hearts the Holy Spirit is working to create a holy ambition to place all their powers at the disposal of the Redeemer. If there is something, too, that will rekindle aspiration and crystallize a fresh purpose in the hearts of those further along the road of leadership, the aim of the book will be realized.”(Pg.11-12)

Sanders begin to build a very effective and insightful “how to manual” for Christians. This book is oriented Christians with a heart, interest or call to leadership. The writer has broken down the book Spiritual Leadership into twenty-two profound chapters, Sanders teaches to the beginners the new things, views and agendas related with becoming a leader, he also approaches the experienced leader, what they could and should applied in their ministry. He supports his position majority of the time with the Scripture; therefore we can say that it is very biblical.

I would like to write in this paper different ways this book affected and challenged my perceptions of ministry. First of all, we should recognized that God has called each and very one of us to be a Christian leader; the only difference is in respect to the choice and application of our activities. Whether one…
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