How Sports And Extra Curricular Activities

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From learning new languages to cramming for AP Exams, the life of a student who has high expectations placed on them is a challenging one, which can sometimes lead to the feeling of suffocation and even despair. Parents play a major factor on the student, especially when they continuously demand high grades and emphasize ranks and stature; increasing the obstacles the student already faces. The significance of after-school activities are that they help relieve stress, provide confidence and new opportunities, teach necessary skills that the student can utilize later on in their lives, and motivate students who aren’t interested in their school work to change their harmful behaviors. Sports and extra-curricular activities can take the focus…show more content…
Doctors have recently realized that physical inactivity isn’t just an ordinary issue that can be eliminated with a few hours of exercise a week. Every minute wasted sitting motionless and inactive undoubtedly increases a person’s risk of developing harmful diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and eventually death if not properly treated. Small changes start to occur as the body sets into a lethargic state; blood circulation slows down and as a result, metabolic processes take an extensive amount of time to perform. The unnecessary exertion of pressure on the body causes detrimental outcomes on a person’s health. One study demonstrated that “adults and kids who incorporate small, light activities into their day, break up their bouts of sitting with frequent small breaks -to stand and stretch, walk across the room, jump up and down or buzz to the water cooler -have better metabolic profiles” (Ryan). By making little changes throughout ones day, like taking the stairs or stretching every few hours, can be the difference between developing a chronic disease or staying healthy. Another problematic issue with watching numerous hours of television is the consumption of empty calorie foods such as chips, cookies, and soda. Commercials are targeted to persuade the watcher to enjoy their favorite brand of junk food
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