How Sports Has Changed My Life

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Throughout my life, I have had experiences that have shaped the way I am today. Growing up my mom and dad were my biggest inspirations, and they still are now. I remember coming home from school to work on big projects, and they would suggest ideas instead of directly helping me with the project. It seemed so insignificant at the time; however, now I realize that they have helped me to think on my own. They have also taught me to put my best effort forth the first time I participate in something. I believe that I am more careful, thoughtful, and hardworking when I work on different projects because of this. Over the years, my parents have instilled strength and independence into my life, and have supported me through all the ups and downs. My parents are the ones to thank for the way I am today, a strong, independent, hardworking, and thoughtful young lady. Sports have also shaped my character, especially soccer. Soccer has been my thing ever since I was little. This year I finished my senior season and realized that all the years of joy had come to an end. With all the sadness that came from this, I was also brought to happiness because soccer had influenced my life in so many ways. Soccer involved communicating with my teammates. If I was not forced to talk out on the field, then I might be a more introverted person. Being more vocal, has led me to come out of my shell and talk with those around me in everyday conversation. Soccer involved loosing. No one likes to loose,
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