Social Media On Sports Research Paper

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As we live in an era where everyone seeks entertainment for their enjoyment, the social network and media has bloomed over the past decade. There are many different types of entertainments which people tune in for their enjoyment; however I will specifically discuss about sports. Many people in the world watch sports for fun, either with friends or alone, but what they do not think about is the importance of their perspective of the sport they are watching. To be precise, athletic sports and media have been intertwined together for several decades. Especially in the past decade or so, our view on a certain sport has been majorly decided on how the media portrays that sport to be. Such examples are that when a certain sport player was injured…show more content…
This also applies in the sports industry as well. There are both positive and negative impacts the social media can have on sports industry. Some of the positive effects it can have are; sport promotion, more audiences, and more view count for the advertisers. For example, let’s say a very popular movie star or someone famous posts an article online about how much they like a certain sport (let’s say hockey for example). Which, then the fans of that person will look into that sport (hockey), which then the view count for that specific sport will both increase, thus gaining the attention of the advertisers, which will pay hefty amount to post their ads on channels or websites which shows that sport, which ultimately leads into that sport being more popular and being funded to expand that sport. However, if a sport gets the bad side of the social media, the aftereffect can be quiet devastating. It can go as far as a specific sport to be near-extinct or become so unpopular and/or criticized that there would not be any major-league games. For example, if a major news channel/company portrays a sport to be inhumane or dangerous for the players etc. then the people will eventually start to dislike the sport just because the news said so. It’s all about the perspective of how one view the issue, but if the view is twisted and deceived into negative perspective, it is only natural for people who perceive the sport to be negative not liking it, and thus decreased view count, thus decreased promotion/advertisement, therefore less funding for the sport to be
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