How Sports Is Hurting Our Youth

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Readings: RS #14 Messner and RS #19 Read and Bartkowski
1. Is it healthy to set small boys up to follow in the footsteps of older family members in sports? Is this pressure healthy? Are the boys playing for themselves or their families?
By placing such a heavy weight of male childhood on sports, we are limiting boys to choosing their own path. Several individuals admitted that they took up sports because they were expected to or pressured by the community. This removes the choice for boys to decide what they want to do, while also placing such a heavy emphasis on sports within our society. I believe that the emphasis put on sports is hurting our youth because they feel they do not have the freedom to pick an activity themselves, or they fear letting down another male family member. Some boys do end up playing for themselves, but a vast majority do so because they do not know any alternatives that will be equally accepted by society. The article focused on males, but I believe females can also face this same dilemma. One cannot play a sport forever. They eventually have to retire, and if they spent their whole life participating in one sport, what are they supposed to do when they can no longer play that sport? The pressure they face as a child is unhealthy, and can affect them for the rest of their lives.

2. Is it healthy to push sports on children at a young age? Are there be other ways for a son to bond with his father and make him round?
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