How Sports Managers Successfully Market Their Organization And / Or A New Product?

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How might sports managers successfully market their organization and/or a new product?
Although marketing is described to involve a variety of activities, such as production, pricing, sales and advertising, the focus of it is to satisfy the needs or desires of consumers without no doubt (Smith and Stewart, 2014). ‘The customer is the alpha and omega of marketing’ (Kahle and Close, 2011, p.2). In other words, the customer is the starting points and ending points of marketing. In turn, sport marketing is usually defined as ‘the application of marketing concepts to sport products and services, and the marketing of non-sport products through an association to sport’ (Mihai, 2013, p.231).

The term ‘sport marketing’ was first
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Comparisons between different perceptions would also be made in some sections. In Particular, new challenges like international market and the roles of emerging social media in sport marketing are highlighted during this process.

Stage 1: Identify Sport Marketing Opportunities

The first stage of sport marketing framework is to identify opportunities by conducting market research. Analysis of the market, consumers and the sport organization per se is the prerequisite and foundation to make any down-to-earth marketing decisions. Generally, useful tools like self-analysis, competitor analysis and SWOT analysis have been proposed to assess internal as well as external environments of a sport organization (Smith and Stewart, 2014). SWOT analysis is an abbreviation of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, which regarded as the basic one in the first stage of marketing in spite of criticism for its tendency to be misused in practice (Humphrey, 2005). In this sense, the internal environment refers to strengths and weakness of the sport organization while the external one centers on opportunities and threats in the marketplace (Mihai, 2013).

Particularly, international perspective ought to be emphasized during this stage. One reason is that sport appears to be a global appeal, which could be understood by most of the people (Meenaghan and
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