How St. Thomas Aquinas 's Teachings Have Affected Me

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How St. Thomas Aquinas’s Teachings have Affected Me St. Thomas Aquinas was one of the most profound and prolific writers of his time, and his teachings I feel continue to resonate today. In fact, one of his teachers, St. Albert the Great, once said of him, “We call this young man a dumb ox, but his bellowing in doctrine will one day resound throughout the world.” This only understates the effect this one man has had through the legacy he left behind. His works continue to inspire many, myself included. This man could be describes as a giant among men, for the impact he has had on the world that continues over seven-hundred years after his death. St. Thomas Aquinas has influenced my personal morals and ethics through his teachings on…show more content…
St. Thomas Aquinas further explains something, that I feel is very important to understand in terms of one’s morality. He says, while all human beings lead their lives towards the ultimate end, being God, it is how one will walk that path that will determine our eternal life. In this path, he refers to the importance of prudence. For it is prudence that allows one to choose the path that is right before God. Prudence, can therefore be described as one of the most important virtues one can have according to Thomas Aquinas. Having researched his works and his views on prudence, I now feel it is important to re-evaluate my own moral living, in order to place a much greater emphasis on prudent living as it allows one to come closer to God and catch glimpses of His perfection. Therefore, I feel one of the most significant ways St. Thomas Aquinas has bettered my understanding of moral and ethical living, is through the importance of prudence, a virtue he obviously held in high regard. The second way by which St. Thomas Aquinas has influenced my understanding of moral and ethical living is through his teachings on temperance. Temperance is to seek pleasure rationally as Aquinas puts it. Not only does he speak much about this virtue in moral living, but he certainly lived it out. In his time in school, he was teased by his classmates, being called a dumb ox, for his seemingly shy and bashful disposition. However, he was in

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