How Stereotypes for Women Came to Be Essay

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If you turn on a TV or open a magazine, you most likely would end up looking at some type of advertisement, even if you do not notice it. According to Media Matters, an average person sees over six hundred advertisements a day, even if they do no not notice the advertisements themselves (2). Just because they do not notice it, does not mean it does not affect them. Stereotypes are everywhere, even when you least expect them. Women especially are overcome by many stereotypes, like how they are treated as housewives and should stay at home cleaning. Women are also portrayed as super moms, where they are shown that they can do anything from balancing kids and cleaning the house, to keeping the husband happy and working full time at a…show more content…
More families started to move to the city due to the industrial revolution. This was a huge change for most families because not many knew how to live in the city. Since so many people were uneducated on how to survive city life, many articles were written to help families settle down easier. A majority of these articles had housework and shopping advice and were primarily written to women because the men were at work. Women started to buy most of the household items, which caused many advertisements to be directed to women. By World War II though, the advertising techniques started to change a little bit. Women now knew how to take care of and buy for their family so those types of advertisements were no longer needed. During World War II, advertisers changed their method by making women feel needed outside the home. They started to advertise Rosie the Riveter and other advertisements promoting women to work. These caused women to get the jobs that were left behind when the men went to war. They also made advertisements seem like their purchase aided the war and that rationing was the best way to help the men in war. Advertisements made women feel important during World War II which made women feel obligated to buy whatever product was being sold at that time. Using these types of

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