How Strategic Ambiguity Is Used To Create Favorable Impressions

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How strategic ambiguity is used to create favorable impressions organizational policies First, the present uncertainty definition is a straight outcome of relative perception of meaning. Being a strategy in Organizational Communication outlook, ambiguity remains essential to some consistent observation. Perception, Language as well as knowledge are wholly symbiotic. The reality experience if it is due to language, perception, memory, or something else, is a product of skipping outside the provided information. Hence, Strategic ambiguity entails making a claim through language that eliminates specifics. It can also be referred to as intentionally being vague as a way of deriving individual or organizational advantage. Hence, Strategic…show more content…
Hence, it helps to create favorable impressions organizational policies. Strategic ambiguity finds the advantage of different meanings that different individuals can give to a universal message. They think for tactically vague information can make employees provide different sense to the common message, but concurrently, the organization makes feelings of unity. The workers’ organizational culture attracts a variety of ambiguity that keeps the form of agreement as well as relative representation of views in an organization. Ambiguity as a Strategy in Organizational Communication structures allows vagueness in the intellectual as well as the preservation of a diversity of viewpoints. For instance, if the organizational culture develops an ambiguous communication, the employees may end up understanding the message in different ways, but, the message may end up resulting in employee’s unity understanding. Hence, it facilitates change and strengthens the existing communication source. Strategic ambiguity is also used to create favorable impressions organizational policies regarding long-term advantage (Larson, 2013). This involves the facilitation of organizational change as well as the creativity of corporate culture which influences success for change initiatives. It also provides some means of communication utilized by employees. Therefore strategic ambiguity creates vagueness which helps organization communicators to
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