How Strategic Management Approaches Be Applied Across A Changing Business Landscape?

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Can strategic management approaches be applied across a changing business landscape? The answer is yes, of course they can. This paper will take a situational approach of becoming oriented in the situation (Skipton, 2015) by first looking at management during times of increased automation, as this has been well-documented in business publications and therefore provides some important background information (Rifkin, 2005; Millman and Hartwick, 1987). Analysis will then continue towards more a recent trend to see how different methods of doing business can be coordinated together to maximize efficiency and success.
As technology evolved, businesses began to grow more reliant on using it to automate tasks (Rifkin, 2005; Millman
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It is hard to argue that automating business processes has the potential to increase efficiency and productivity. This idea has been present in business publications for decades, with professionals and journalists such as Jeremy Rifkin (2005) decreeing that automation is the “end of work” as we know it. This doom-and-gloom view of future business was based on the idea that information technology would replace traditional human-based labor practices and people would no longer be able to work and earn money, especially in service-based industries (Rifkin, 2005).
However, where there are pessimists there are also optimists. Muro and Andes (2015) believe that aspects of automation such as the use of robotics in business may not actually cost jobs. Instead, Muro and Andes (2015) believe that this kind of automation may just help people perform their jobs better and be more productive, not necessarily that the technology is replacing people. Additionally, a study by Millman and Hartwick (1987) found that automating leads to higher job satisfaction and enrichment in middle managers as automation of simpler tasks allowed them to devote more of their time to more complex issues.
Managing Automation
It is clear how strategic management can be applied in shifts towards automation. Even as tasks become more automated there must still be people selecting them, implementing them, motivating employees to adopt them and solving

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