How Stress Affects Maternity and the Fetus

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Now you may be wondering but how does it affect the baby and the mother? Stress affects the baby in many ways. First, the baby could be born as a pre-term baby. The reason why the baby could be born as a pre-term is because whatever the mother’s mood is it goes to baby too. The baby then has to deal with the high levels of stress on its own. This causes the baby to not have fully formed organs. According to Dr. Wadhwa pre-term babies are susceptible to a range of complications later, including chronic lung disease, development delays, learning disorders, and infant mortality (Feature, 2005). The earlier the baby is born the higher the risk of breathing problems they have. The baby will also be born with disabilities. This disease is called cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a general term for a group of permanent, non-progressive movement disorders that cause physical disability. Researcher found that when the mother is stressed out when pregnant it causes damage in the utero. Then when the child is now in adult they are at a high risk to have chronic health problems. They will also have heart diseases and diabetes. Mothers are affected by stress because it causes their brains to release hormones such as corticotrophin-release hormone, also known as CRH. CRH is what causes women to have a pre-mature labor. CRH does not only cause the mother to have a pre-term labor but she could also have a miscarriage. Stress causes the mother to cause allergic reactions with the chemicals
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