How Stress Is A Mental Or Emotional Strain

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Stress is a mental or emotional strain that results from a difficult situation. There does exist a positive stress that people will purposely put on themselves to motivate themselves. However, for the duration of this paper I am referring to the negative type that is unneeded and unwanted worry or strain.

Stress is heavily involved in a considerable portion of college students’ lives. This makes sense since it is so effortless to encounter during our years in college, which are like trying to juggle seven chainsaws that are on fire. There are so many things going on in our lives all at once and, for many of us college students this involves working on homework, studying for exams, going to class, holding down a job, and using money wisely to get by all while getting enough sleep and having a social life. Despite all of these obligations, it is possible to fulfill them all without being stressed. According to John Kabat Zinn, “[things are] not a problem for you, unless you make it a problem for you”. By applying this to your everyday life it allows for it to transform into the opposite of a stress-filled life, which is a carefree life. You must first become able to apply it.

Stress is a significant issue, as how we deal with stress determines how our lives are. In order to reach a solution of how to avoid stress, we must first understand the causes of it. All stress originates from us as human beings wanting to be perfect, being afraid of the unknown, and loathing
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