How Stress Is Defined As A Negative Emotional State Occurring

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In the book “Discovering Psychology” Stress is defined as “A negative emotional state occurring in response to events that are perceived as taxing or exceeding a person 's resources or ability to cope.” (Hockenbury, 2014, p.497). Everyone deals with stress at some point or another, it’s part of life. How that stress can affect a person all depends on their personality. A person can have a personality that allows them to deal with stress well, or one that doesn’t . In this paper, I’ll be analyzing multiple sources of stress in my life, how I cope with each of them, and what contributes to them. After doing so, I’ll also analyze my personality, and give ways I can prevent and reduce future stress. The multiple forms of stress I deal with…show more content…
The confrontation and frustration of this situation led to more stress. I use problem-focused coping in these situations and deal with the problems so I don’t worry about them later. By the next day I’m not stressed out by the situation at all. Daily Hassles are inconsequential to me in the long run when it comes to stress. Cultural and expectational stress are the most prevalent forms of stress that I deal with. Both of these are due to my family as they originate from a collectivist culture. Although that should, by definition make it easier for me to cope with stress, it doesn’t. I find it hard relying on my immediate family for help coping with stress as they’re usually part of the reason behind it. My cultural stress originates from my immediate family’s large emphasis on religion, which is especially taxing given the fact that I’m secretly agnostic. Due to family pressure and circumstances I still have to pretend I believe. As I hate being dishonest, especially with my family, I have a certain degree of emotional stress whenever my father asks me join him in prayer five times a day. Social support from my friends allows me to cope with this emotional stress. By talking with my friends about the subject, I’m able to vent my anger and frustration so it doesn’t build up and cause more problems. When it comes to my expectational stress, it’s mainly due to my education. My family expects me to get a good degree and a high paying job. Since they’re
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