How Stressful Life Experiences Affect A Child 's Emotional Development Essay

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This annotated bibliography covers six journal, reports and articles associated with the subject of how stressful life experiences can affect a child’s emotional development, what role the schools play in a child’s emotional development and how there is a need for the Department of Education to commission a sector body to develop a framework of core content for initial teacher training (ITT), which should include child and adolescent development.
A child’s emotional development is a complex, multifaceted process and one which many interaction partners play a role. To teach effectively, trainee teachers need to understand child development expectations at different stages of development together with issues that can have an impact on the child’s progress.
The research literature has accentuated the association between stressful experiences and psychological dysfunction in children and evidence has been found which suggests that there is a need for continuity across Initial teacher training institutes. ITT should be an environment for new teachers to learn from the best teachers, introducing them to essential skills, knowledge and understanding that all teachers require in order to continuously improve the opportunities and outcomes of young people.
The authors of this study compared the judgements of trainee teachers with the responses of young children regarding their perceptions of student stress. The study compiled questions such as: Does teaching experience have an
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