How Student Affairs And Related Experience Do You Have?

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1. How many years of overall Student Affairs and/or related experience do you have?
• I have 8 years of experience in relation to Student Affairs. I served as an Academic Dean and Chair, School of Criminal Justice. In these roles, I have served students with enhancing academic excellence and services designed to help students succeed.

2. How many years in a management role do you have?
• I have 8 years in a management role. I served as an Academic Dean where I managed 20 staff members and managed the campuses’ Academic Affairs department including library services. As a Chair, I have managed 10 to 15 instructional staff within the school of study.
3. As a manager, describe a time where you had to implement a plan that assisted with the development of the department.
• The retention of students in the IT and ELCT programs where under the required limit for retention. To improve these programs I had to implement a plan that would improve the overall success of the programs. The issue was with the first quarter classes, failure rates, instructors teaching style, and issues understanding the material (lessons and assignments) were identified as the key issues with retention. I developed a plan to improve the retention of the programs. Even though this is a team effort, I was the lead department manager in coming up with the overall implementations to improve the programs. The following were implemented to improve the departments:
 Intervene early with students in…
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