How Student Can Use Memory Concepts That Will Improve Student 's Grades

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Having memories impacts our lives greatly without them society would not be as it is today. According to Grison, Heatherton, and Gazzaniga(2015), memory is the capacity to acquire and retain information and skills. Not all experiences will be equally remembered, some events will leave no memory, others will be remembered but later forgotten, and other times a memory can be remembered for a lifetime. I will be looking into how student can use memory concepts that will improve student’s grades if they follow it correctly. And also talk about my personal study habits and how I can improve them so I can get a more positive result in my classes. There are three phases of memory; which are encoding, storage, and retrieval. According to Calvillo (2014); encoding is the processing of information so that it can be stored, storage is the retention of encoded representations over time, and lastly retrieval is the act of recalling or remembering stored information when it is needed. When students use these three phases in school properly it will lead to success in their academic career but if they just do minimal preparation and cut corners it will lead to a stressful time for the student. For example in the encoding process a good student would reread a section until they familiarize themselves with the new information. A bad student would just go over a section once and just keep on going on to new information even though they have not familiarized themselves with the new
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