How Students Can Motivate Students

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There is a large amount of research regarding how to motivate students in the classroom. The ways in which students are motivated varies greatly from student to student depending on outside factors such as socioeconomic status, cultural identity, learning disabilities and exceptionalities, and home life. Learning how to best motivate any particular type of student is something that teachers are continuously researching and attempting. There is new and exciting research being released each year for teachers to read up on and experiment with in their classrooms. One of the schools of thought regarding student motivation centers around relevance. Previous studies suggest students are more likely to be and feel successful if they are learning things in the classroom that they feel are relevant to their daily lives. Researchers had students at one school write one paragraph after a lesson sharing how they thought what they had learned would be useful to their lives. “Writing 1-8 of these during a semester led to positive learning gains, especially for those students who had previously been low performers"(Ferlazzo, 2015). On the flip side, teachers who are continuously tieing curriculum to students lives for them has shown a decrease in motivation. “A more effective approach would be to encourage students to generate their own connections and discover for themselves the relevance of course material to their lives. This method gives students the opportunity to make
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