How Students Learn And Interact Is Better Learned When They Are Observed Essay

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Introduction Understanding how students learn and interact is better learned when they are observed. Courses such as Educational Psychology help to understand how students learn and which strategies are better in helping students to retain information. It is beneficial to observe a classroom because its gives you a perspective of how the classroom setting really is, and how students interact. Educational Psychology itself can be understood better when it is learned and is being observed. I observed a classroom at the World Language Academy, and it reinforced many of the things that I had learned. It not only strengthened everything that was already learned and being learned, but it also put things more in perspective. Field Experience Site World Language Academy is a dual immersion school. They teach their students, which consists of the grade Kindergarten to fourth grade, in both English and in Spanish. The goal or purpose of this program is for students to be able to learn a different language and ultimately develop a respect for language, culture, and international communities. World Language academy is a very diverse school. The classroom that I observed was a fourth grade classroom that had white, Hispanic, African American, and Asian students. Each of them I believe with different socioeconomic status. There were about twenty-two students in the class that were within the age of nine and ten. Many of them had already mastered the language of Spanish as they were able
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