How Students With Adhd Affects The Classroom Community And / Or Learning Environment

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Numerous studies have been conducted regarding students who are diagnosed with ADHD. There is a vast assortment of different topics that can be tied into the study of students with ADHD. Sánchez-Pérez and González-Salinas (2013) state how children who are diagnosed with ADHD will face challenges both socially and academically that can affect the classroom community and/or learning environment. One could desire to learn more about this topic since this condition is very common amongst elementary school students and is a constantly evolving topic, especially for an author who is diagnosed with a variant of the condition who wants to learn more about the effects it has on academic learning. This paper examines how students with ADHD are…show more content…
In further support of these findings, two case studies employ different techniques to observe and differentiate learning approaches and exemplify the skills and abilities by which students with ADHD can learn. Writing and Learning Strategies In 2015, Rodríguez et al. stated how the overall writing productivity and composition lengths are not affected by ADHD; however, the students with ADHD lacked certain organization and planning skills. The lack of basic writing strategies by students with ADHD can have long-term effects on their writing proficiencies in their futures. Connecting to the findings by Aparecida Capellini and De Oliveira (2013), their study found that students with ADHD do not use learning strategies effectively. For example, they did not underline, summarize or monitor their reading comprehension. The findings also supported how the inattentiveness of children with ADHD impacts the information that those students are able to consume. Students who have ADHD would have better quality writing if they were able to use learning strategies for writing compositions more efficiently. Academic Problems and Adjustment Students who have ADHD face many difficulties that can cause those students to struggle academically and have a hard time adjusting in school. The 2014 study conducted by the British Psychological Society uncovered that most studies regarding
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