How Substance Abuse Can Be Harmful At The Societal And Individual Level

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1. Describe the ways substance abuse can be harmful at the societal & individual level Drug abuse is harmful to both the society and individuals themselves. The effect of drug use on individuals is that the users usually go through a wide array of physical effects such as fatigue, anxiety, depression, and flashbacks (Maisto & Connors, 2014). For example, getting high with Cocaine is usually followed by “crash’ which is a period of fatigue, anxiety, and depression. In addition, there is an increase in sexual activities among drug users, and this may expose most of the drug users to diseases that are sexually transmitted such as AIDS (Eaton & Wechsler, 2012). Substance abuse affects the society in different ways. Drug abuse in the workplace is considered to be costly as work time, and efficiency is always lost. In addition, drug users have high chances than non-users to cause accidents thus, endangering themselves and those around them (Lyman, 2013). Most of the drug users engage in criminal activities in order to obtain money for buying drugs, and this can lead to disruption of some neighborhoods as a result of violence among the drug users and threats to the residents (Garbarino, 2001). 2. What are the types of treatment available for smokers? What are some of the components of each? What type of smoker is most likely to benefit from each? There are two classifications of treatment available for workers, and they are over-the-counter medicines and prescription
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