How Success Breaks Down Into Life

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Thu Hoang Eng 111-03 Karen Hawthorne 2/174/2016 Concept Essay (Final Paper) How Success Breaks Down Into Life I prefer sitting at a coffee shop to do works or read a favorite book, and sometimes taking idly thoughts and wondering myself, “ How does a rich person define success? Or, that, having lots of money, living in a big house, and owning all of the latest cars, fashions, and technology is the key to happiness, and hence, success ?” I believe that the definition of success is deeply personal and surely will be different for every man. I may have lived only nineteen years of the seventy years I might go on to live, however, success is the thing that I am going to carry with throughout my lifelong, and I know it to sufficiently to…show more content…
“Even if you find yourself listing mostly objective factors, the subjective elements have a way of tugging at you, don’t they? The relationship between the objective and the subjective is actually complicated and idiosyncratic. Subjective success is an individual’s response to an objective situation. A corporate lawyer may work for a highly respected firm and have a lavish compensation package, but if her career falls short of her dream to become a Supreme Court justice, for instance, or if practicing law seems merely a good way to make a living and doesn’t provide an intellectual buzz, she won’t feel successful.” (Boris Groysberg and Robin Abrahams). This is the essence of one of the life’s great ironies: Money leads to success. This is real-world logic to say that money has always been a pursuit of man. Apparently, money is critical in many ways, and to have more money means one can do bags of thing. If I believe I have to choose between being rich and being healthy, why would I want to go for rich? In sincerity, money gives one far better access to world-class healthcare, good vaccine, and better treatments. If one needs a special leading-edge procedure that 's not available where he lives, he can simply fly to a place that offers it. Being rich means one can give his family a better life, plus opportunities that only money can buy. One will have time and resource to travel, meets nearly anyone he wants, and enters in the
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