How Successful Is Singapore in the Sporting Industry

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I. Introduction The body of this report is divided into two main sections. The first part addresses the main sports development in Singapore and the second assesses these developments and sheds light on problems encountered in the related developments. II. Sports Development in Singapore Much of Singapore’s economic success has been attributed to its status as a world-class commercial and trading centre. In the past century, the government has focused most of the nation’s policies to boost its economy and establish the country’s reputation in the global market. There were sparse efforts to refine plans and raise its sports profile. The report from the Committee of Sporting Singapore (CoSS) in 2001 stated that sports in Singapore…show more content…
Aside from the Singapore Sports School, schools in Singapore have received funding to step up sports enrichment programs and sports are no longer confined to being co-curriculum activities or physical education sessions in the school time table. In some schools, Physical Education has been introduced as an examinable ‘O’ level subject. Students are taught to evaluate, plan and perform various sports, including understanding the advantages and disadvantages of different training strategies and techniques. Beyond secondary school education, tertiary institutes also offer sports management and sports science programs. For example, the Singapore Sports School has tied up with International Baccalaureate and Republic Polytechnic to offer through-train diploma programs whilst Nanyang Polytechnic offers the Diploma in Sports & Wellness Management and a degree in Sports Science Management is offered by the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). More recently, NTU has announced the setting up of a sports research facility named the Institute for Sports Research (ISR). It is a collaboration project between the school, the Economic Development Board (EDB) and England’s Loughborough University. Many companies have already expressed interest in the project as it promises to develop advanced sports related innovations and technology. 2. Sports Business and Careers With the government placing emphasis on the sports industry,

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