How Support from Employers on Work- Life Balance Affects Employee Performance

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Work-life balance is a combination of interactions among different areas of one’s life; the advantages and disadvantages associated with that balance/imbalance are countless and can affect multiple levels of society (Schoenfeld, 2005).
The overall purpose of this project is to investigate if a work environment in which work life balance is anticipated and supported will provide positive impact on employees’ performance and attitude. In addition, this research will examine the current understanding of attitudes toward the concerns of work life balance across the gender roles. This review of qualitative data will provide answers to the following questions. First, would implementing a work life balance provide employees with a happier and
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The results of the study were categorized by early career stage (age 18-29); developing career stage (age 30-39); consolidating career stage (age 40-49), and pre-retirement career stage (age 50+). In each stage, perceived managerial support and perceived career consequences were found to be correlated to work life balance for employees, whereas job involvement was linked to work life balance in the early and consolidating career phase. It is confirmed by these results that work life balance carries a different meaning at various times of an employee’s life.
One limitation to this study is the use of age as a substitute for life stage, which can be misleading to the reader. Also the study examined only the employee’s perspective of work life balance. It would have been valuable to include the employers’ point of view. It would be valuable to further research the company’s current policies to determine the need for work life balance initiatives, thereby address the ever changing needs of the employee. A career stage viewpoint would add significance to the study on work life balance and should also be considered in future investigations.
Past research indicated that characteristics of many jobs in conjunction with the workplace can negatively affect family life, while aspects of an employee's family situation can influence worker’s performance and behaviors toward work. This increased the incidence of stress and burnout leading to
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