How Supporters of Slavery Used Legal, Religious, and Economic Arguments to Defend the Institution

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Throughout the history of the United States, there have always been conflicts between the North and the South. Basically throughout the 1900s, the North and South acted somewhat childishly towards each other about different topics. As the North became more industrialized and self sufficient, the South stayed behind and depended heavily on other countries for manufactured goods in exchange for cotton. The North felt superior to the South, and the South was not pleased about that. Although most Northerners didn 't care much for slavery, there were handfuls that were abolitionists and attacked the South on their "backwards" economy that depended on slavery . In the South, not everyone was a slaveholder as one may think; there were actually…show more content…
This of course would be true if Scott had been a citizen but according to the decision of the Supreme Court, all blacks, slaves or not, could never be citizens of the United States therefore Scott 's argument wasn 't legitimate . The second part of the ruling stated that Congress did not have the authority to prohibit slavery in federal territories. As one can see, the ruling came out in favor of the protectors of slavery because they even if Scott had a legitimate argument, he would not have won the case either way because the Missouri Compromise (which prohibited slavery in the Wisconsin Territory) was unconstitutional. It reverted back to stating that the compromise violated the 5th amendment , which was the protection of property, which if interpreted strictly would include slaves. This was a smart tactic to use in protecting slavery because both the North and the South had to comply with the Constitution, by interpreting it strictly, the South claimed to have a right of keeping their slaves because they were property.

-4-Another way supporters of slavery used a common ground to defend the institution was through religion. Both the North and the South had established churches and since they all had the same teachings, they could argue that slavery was a holy right due to the fact that it is referred to as so in the Bible. They used arguments from the book of St. Paul and made references to Abrahamic tradition . They used
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