How Susan Hill Introduces and Develops Arthur Kipps in the "Woman in Black"

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How does Hill introduce and develop Kipps Susan Hill introduces Arthur Kipps as an Old man. Living tucked away in a nice house in the countryside with a large loving family around him Kipps is the image of a man who has had a comfortable life with no bumps in the road. He is a man of habit and finds pleasure in knowing that everything is how it should be, under control. He looks back at himself as a young man and his experience in Eel Marsh House. When Kipps takes the journey to Eel Marsh House he is a young man who’s main ambition in life is to rise higher in his accountancy firm and to live a comfortable life. He has a dull personality, who doesn’t get worried easily nor let’s himself get distracted. “But I was, in those days of my…show more content…
He starts noticing things he hadn’t before and his descriptions become more centred. Even though he is almost reduced to tears after hearing the pony and trap noise with the little child he still refuses to believe it is anything supernatural thinking that the accident actually happened at that moment in time. He becomes more frustrated as he loses control of what happens around him, and then suddenly when he is going back to the town with Keckwick his mind clear and he accepts that ghosts exist “I began to suspect that the pony and trap that I had heard out on the Marsh- they, too had not been real, not there, present, not substantial, but ghostly also. But he doesn’t lose his rationality wanting to “Confront the poor, disturbed ghost”, he becomes a spur-of the moment person rapidly changing his decisions from one moment to another, he is constantly overturning his plans as if he can’t decide what to do. At the end of the book even he realises how much the experience had changed his perspective even just watching a robin “I reflected that, before coming here, I would never have been able to concentrate on such an ordinary thing so completely but would have been restless to be up and off, doing this or that busily”. Even Mr.Daily says “You have come a long way since the night I met you on the late train” he makes it sound as he was a pupil who

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