How Taxol Interrupts The Cell Cycle

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Research Report 1 James Elliott Spring 2016 Article Reported: Magidson V, He J, Ault JG, O’Connell CB, Yang N, Tikhonenko I, McEwen BF, Sui H, Khodjakov A. 2016. Unattached kinetochores rather than intrakinetochore tension arrest mitosis in taxol-treated cells. J Cell Biol. 212 (3): 307-319. Accessed 8 Feb 2016. doi: 10.1083/jcb.201412139 I. Paper Review A. Background and Key Question This article was about a study performed by scientists looking to investigate the mechanism of how Taxol interrupts the cell cycle. The interval often referred to as the spindle apparatus checkpoint is without a doubt the time frame where Taxol acts, as it is an antimicrotubule drug that is cell cycle specific. It is understood that the structure…show more content…
To make the specimen compatible with both forms of advanced microscopy, they sufficiently prepared samples by coupling the specimen with a fluorescence that was also conductive. This technique was accomplished with the FlouroNanogold label, which contains gold nanoparticles covalently bonded to a fluorescence label. That way, the LM worked as well as the EM for the same set of kinetochores that were being studied. The Hec1 protein was stained in this case because this protein naturally delineates the structures to be studied. C. Describe One Specific Result The orientation between the kinetochores with respect to centromeres (kTilt) was of a larger degree in the Taxol treated cells in comparison to the cells progressing through metaphase normally. There was a 16° increase from 10° to 26° when cells were treated with Taxol. D. What are the major conclusions/implications of this work? This was a multifaceted study that simply is not given justice by my review that is limited to two pages. Through this study, the scientists believed that the data validated that kinetochores are significantly influenced by the Taxol treatment. This interpretation was inferred from the results in differences in Delta (distance between Hec1 and CenpT labels within kinetochores), cTilt (angle of centromeres from the spindles), and kTilt (angle of the kinetochores with respect to centromeres). One of these results was described above in

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