How Teacher 's Expectations Play An Important Role On The Pupil 's Educational Career

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Education is considered one factor of socialisation. It involves the acquisition of knowledge and the learning skills(Haralambos, 2004). From functionalist and Marxist macro-sociological perspectives education is a second agency of socialisation. Functionalist perspective was the dominant approach until the 1960s. This consensus theory argued that education helps to transmit society 's norms and values. It promotes a meritocratic society by allocating people on their appropriate jobs. However, Marxist and interactionist perspectives do not support the meritocratic system. Marxism was the dominant approach through the late 1960s and 1970s. They believed that education serves the interest of the capitalism. Interactionism focus its analysis on the small scale research ithin the classroom. It argued that pupils are classified by factors and not by abilities. The essay covers different studies of how teacher 's expectations play an important role on the pupil 's educational career.

Functionalist perspective try to focus on the positive aspects of education in the society. This approach helps to understand how education maintains the value consensus of society and has selective and economic functions. Durkheim(1925) did an organic analogy of the society. He saw society as a body and education one of its organ. He believed that education helps to promote social solidarity by socialising people in its norms and values. The school system teaches individuals social rules and…
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