How Teachers Made The Curriculum Accessible And Engaging For Students

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Describe how teachers made the curriculum accessible and engaging for students. I observed the teachers at Assets making the curriculum accessible by individualizing instruction, encouraging literacy, and using high-tech supports. In the first classroom I visited, the teacher only lectured for a short amount of time. She then went around helping students individually, as they were all at different academic levels. The students were working on math and there were tips on the wall that students frequently referred back to. In addition, the high-achievers in class helped their peers. Students in this class were engaged because the content was at the appropriate difficulty level and they were receiving high levels of support. Once the students were finished with their math worksheets, the whole class took a trip to the school library. Visiting the library is something they do often. The library has a wide selection including: children’s books, epics, manga, and books from various cultures. The popular books such as Harry Potter and Percy Jackson were on display and easily accessible. The library also included audiobooks in combination with print books, so students could read-along. In our literacy class, ESEE 340, the cohort has studied how to engage reluctant readers by frequenting the library and letting students choose books of interest. Assets does just that. Once the students had selected their books, the teacher did a short read-aloud (something that is also encouraged in
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