How Teachers Reinforce The Kiddos For Good Behavior

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In the classrooms I am observing I have noticed many ways in which teachers reinforce the kiddos for good behavior. Each teacher has their own rewards system. I have witnessed a rainbow chart, a marble system and a stick chart. I have also noticed that many of the teachers do multiple activities with a lesson in hopes that the information will reach the kiddos long term memory. The teachers use verbal lessons, hands on activities and written reflections. Each class has their rules and what is considered appropriate behavior. It has been interesting to see how each teacher rewards their students and how they make it known what is and isn’t okay for the students to do. Two of the teachers I work with a lot have a very good rewards system going as a way of reinforcing good behavior. The first teacher uses a rainbow chart and when the students get to the top they get to choose a prize from the bucket. The other teacher uses a marble system. Each table and student has the chance to gain marbles along with the class as a whole. If students are listening and behaving they may get marbles to put in their tables container. If the whole class is doing an awesome job, the marbles get put into the classes jar. When the students get enough marbles their table gets a prize or reward of some sort, positive reinforcement. The kiddos get so excited when they get a prize. Negative punishment is used when they are misbehaving. The students can also get marbles taken out of their tables jar and

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