How Teams Can Help Leaders Increase Levels Of Innovation

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Team-Based Creativity


In the early 2016, the LEGO Group announced that its revenue increased by 25.2% in the financial year 2015. The company?s strategy of globalizing had a positive impact on the results. According to its annual report, because of its globalizing strategy, LEGO reached new consumers in new places of the world. New products take around 60% of total sales each year. The biggest reason of this continues success is the innovative and consumer-oriented development process. Right now, LEGO is one of the most powerful brands in the world (LEGO, 2016). Do you know that this Danish toy maker almost went bankrupt in 2004? And do you know how this company come back from the brink of bankruptcy to today?s success? One of the key points of this turnaround is the new structure for its strategic innovation activities by having team creativity. This essay will explore how teams can help leaders increase levels of innovations in their workplace, focusing mainly on team-based creativity: combining critical review and evaluation of team creativity literature and applications. After discussing these theories and facts, the essay will briefly give some suggestions for future research.

Background+ Application`

Innovation research has addressed many areas: capacity for creativity; creativity at individual level; leadership style influences; and environmental influences. All these factors have significant impacts on creativity and innovation in
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