How Technology Affects Human Life

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How Technology Affects to Human 's Life In modern society, technology is an integral part of human life. Many people think that technology has a positive impact because it helps them a lot. In many ways, technology has helped human beings to adapt to an easier way of life. People can use technology for communication, transportation, education, manufacturing and so much more. However, some people believe that technology has a negative impact because many people have become very dependent on it. Technology changes the way people feel, think, interact, and experience their reality. In my opinion, I agree with them. Technology has decreased the need for social interaction, changed people 's behavior, and had harmful effects on people 's health. Does technology have a negative impact to human 's life? Yes, it does, because it has decreased the need for social interaction. Communication is the glue that helps people deepen their connections to others and improve teamwork, decision-making, and problem-solving. The way in which people communicate with others is changing drastically, and not for the better. Although technology has provided an opportunity to find and get in touch with others and allowed people to maintain relationships with their friends and family who may not be close to them, people 's relationships with others in their direct social circles are suffering. For example, many people use their cell phone and laptop to play games, chat with friends, and post updates
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