How Technology Affects Individuals On A Social And A Spiritual Level Essay

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Many individuals would argue that technology and modern conveniences make one’s life become simpler and more efficient. While technology may potentially have some benefits, technology does impact individuals on a social and a spiritual level. Technology shapes social structures, and social structures shape individuals, resulting in isolation and loneliness. Technology also impacts people on a spiritual level, causing people to develop an individualistic mindset. Therefore, modern life and conveniences actually hurt an individual’s well-being rather than restoring.
To begin, individualism is when one’s beliefs are only determined by oneself and are not influenced by outside factors. In C. S. Lewis’s work “Membership,” he argues the opposite. “The Christian is called not to individualism but to membership in the mystical body” (Lewis 133). Like Lewis, Berry supports this same kind of community and membership. Berry says, “I am not ‘against technology’ so much as I am for community. When the choice is between the health of the community and technological innovation, I choose the health of the community” (Berry 184). Christians are not called to live as individuals living separate and individual lives. Instead, our lives simply are interconnected in the lives of others; Christians are to be relational with other human beings. While individuals are called to live in membership with other individuals, this plan can often be distorted because of the effects of technology,
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