How Technology Affects Marketing

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This course has been fun and refreshing. I have learned a vast amount of information. I was unaware of how technology affected marketing. Overall I feel it has affected marketing in a positive way. I think it somewhat makes it easier for individuals to become business owners because of the connection with people that can be developed over the internet. I current own a business and I feel the information I have learned will help me grow my business and be more successful I have not used online marketing properly in the past. I failed to properly research the areas I have been marketing in. This class has showed my why I have not been successful with certain things I have done in the past. Keegan stated that “Social media facilitates virtual conversations. Measuring the impact of social is moving beyond counting “clicks” toward measuring influence, participation, engagement, and excitement. Social media monitoring tools have the potential to provide rich data to reveal important information about customers in order to customize both digital experience and on- and off-line purchasing behavior and decision making. Although companies create Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, many do not have a comprehensive understanding of how social media influences consumer product and brand awareness, drives sales and profitability, and builds loyalty across platforms, diverse communities, and over shorter or longer periods of time.” (Keegan, W. 2014). In the past when I promoted my company,

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